Pilates classes at Pro-Active are different, you will not find a mat or resistive bands in any of our clinics. We use specialist Pilate’s equipment originally designed by the good Joseph Pilates himself. We only hire experienced Physiotherapists trained in Pilates to teach in our Pilates studio.

Clinical Pilates is more functional, resistive, but still classical. We don’t forget where it came from, but can’t understand how you’d let anyone who can’t relate your pain and pathology to your problem come anywhere near you!

Research has shown that specific exercise programs designed and supervised by Physiotherapists are the most effective management for problems such as neck and back pain and who are we to argue with that!!!

Everyone undergoes an initial assessment before the first class, regardless of where you may have done it before.

Our clinical pilates class sizes are small but friendly, typically 2 patients to 1 physio.

1-to-1 sessions are also available in our clinics where, as the name implies, our physiotherapist is there just for you.